Multiple Clocking

Emplotime allows to activate multiple clocking (or multiple punching) from the Additional Settings inside the Company Settings.

This feature, provides the ability to monitor breaks by allowing your employees to Clock In and Out several times a day. Emplotime Version 2.0, brought the time and attendance solution to a whole new level, since it now provides also wonderful and detailed reports where you can see, not only, total break times on a daily basis, but also all the employees Ins and Outs transactions, that, together with the total regular and overtime hours, it becomes to a comprehensive source of attendance information for the employer.

Without selecting the multiple clocking option, the time clock page will be restricted to one single In and One single Out per employee per day. So, remember to activate Multiple Clocking if you would like your employees to "punch" every time they take breaks or lunch. 

Later on, you will be able to print Monthly and Date ranged reports which will include all this employee data transactions, where total breaks and working hours will be calculated on a daily basis and of course you will receive the exact total report working hours.

Note: If you have also, selected the automatic break deduction feature, the break column title will appear in a red color, and the breaks will be rounded up to the break deduction you have set for it. As an example, if you have set a break deduction of 1 hour after 8 working hours, and, on a specified day, the employee took 54 minutes of break, the report will deduct another 6 minutes (to round up to the one hour break deduction), Automatic Break Deduction will not take any effect if the employee took a total break larger than the break time you have set. See same report with break deduction below.

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