Daily and Weekly Overtime Report

The wage laws in the United States and Canada as well as other countries require most employers to pay overtime. The premium pay after designated hours are divided between daily and/or weekly. It means that (as an example) employees are entitled to receive overtime payment for every hour more than 40 that they work in a workweek or/and more than 8 hours in a day.

Now, Emplotime provides the possibility to activate Daily or/and Weekly Overtime to get detailed reports with this specified information. After activating these features you will be able to print the following report.

Emplotime Overtime Weekly Report
Click on the image to open original Emplotime report
In order to activate one or both of the Overtime features, from the Emplotime Administrator portal, go to Company Details --> Additional Settings , then, check the Overtime checkbox desired and set the overtime threshold. It is important to select the start of your workweek, that is generally Sunday or Monday.

Then, from the Admin Portal, you can print out the Weekly overtime report. Click on Reports and choose the Weekly Report. you can export this report to PDF, word or excel and print.

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